How much do you charge?
My rate is $120 per hour or based on your income or insurance. If you are using the mental health benefits of your insurance company, the insurance company will determine the rate including any co-payment due at the time of the appointment.

How long does a therapy session last?
A session lasts about 45 minutes. It's considered a 45 minute session because the other 10 minutes I will spend preparing for our session and completing paperwork related to it.

How long will therapy take?
I really think in terms of time-limited work. Each period entails a specific piece of work. Each period has a beginning, middle, and end. If we accomplish our goals, our work is finished. If we have more work to do, we'll agree to another specific time frame. Sometimes this is determined by your insurance coverage. If it's a big issue, we'll break it down into manageable parts.

What happens in therapy?
First, I want to get to know you and hear your concerns. Then, I'll explain how I work and we'll develop a plan. We'll decide together what you want to accomplish and how we will know if we are successful. Therapy includes talking, activities, and homework.

What makes you different from other therapists?
Just like every client, every therapist is unique. It's more about the relationship that you develop with your therapist. I'm open and friendly. I also like to use humor. I have unique training and experience. Please see my biography for more details. I have a very straight forward style.

What is the best way to make an appointment?
Call or e-mail me to make an appointment, fill out the online forms and bring in the completed paperwork with you. If you plan to use your insurance coverage, check your list of mental health providers to make sure I'm on the list.

What are your hours
I'm available by appointment Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Why is therapy necessary?
It isn't. But some problems, like trauma and mental illness, are so serious that therapy is the recommended treatment. Also, sometimes each of us gets kind of stuck. What's worked before or what we already know isn't enough. It's very helpful to go to an objective professional to give us fresh perspectives and help us apply some new knowledge and techniques to get unstuck.

Can therapy help my relationship?
Yes, in two ways. First, it could help your relationship when the two of you come in together to talk about your communication, concerns and conflicts. If that is not possible, it could help your relationship if you come in to talk about your relationship history, your personality, your past relationships, and how you feel about yourself.

Do you do outcalls?
Under most circumstances, no. However, if parenting is the issue, it may be helpful for me to see the family in the home. If a client is in crisis or hospitalized, I may see him or her to continue treatment.

How long have you been in business?
I have been in private practice pre and post licensure since 2003.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes. The full fee is due if you cancel an appointment less than 24 hours in advance.

Why can't I just go see my doctor about my problem?
You may, however, doctors are for medical problems and psychotherapists are for psychological problems. A medical doctor usually doesn't have the time to talk through issues, while that's what we do in therapy.

Can you prescribe medications like my doctor?
No. If I feel that medications could help I will refer you to a doctor or a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation.

Is there a cost to my initial consultation?
Each session from the first will be billed to your insurance company or charged to you and due at the time of the appointment.